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How to Travel with an Oxygen Concentrator: Tips and Tricks


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Just imagine yourself lying in a sandy beach while getting a brand new suntan, while the gushing sounds of soft waves rolling through the shore... It sure sounds relaxing, right? Just like us, we do think that every vacation experience has something unique to offer, whether you travel domestically or internationally. Nevertheless, it is indeed a little intimidating experience for those of us who depend on medical technology to keep ourselves well. Hey, relax... We understand your predicament all too well if you need an oxygen concentrator to help you breathe. That's why we are here to guide you through the nuances of moving your equipment! We have you covered for everything from bringing your oxygen concentrator to getting through security. Additionally, in today's article, we are also ready to give some useful advice as experts in this subject in order to make your travelling experience with an oxygen concentrator a remarkable one. Come on, let's read more to discover how you may travel with assurance and peace of mind!

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Know Your Equipment

Knowledge is power when it comes to travelling with an oxygen concentrator. Please do spend some time in becoming familiar with your medical equipment before you hit the road (or the skies). Ask yourself, how does it function? What to do if something goes wrong midway while you are travelling? What additional equipment do you require to ensure that you are getting the oxygen you require? Please go and familiarize yourself with your oxygen concentrator beforehand so that you will bee more equipped to face any obstacles that may arise in future. Also, knowing that you are prepared for anything will make you feel more secure while travelling. We strongly advise confirming with your equipment source that your concentrator is accepted for use while flying, and please do not forget to include a backup battery just in case. You may travel with your oxygen concentrator at your side with confidence and comfort when you keep these suggestions in mind.

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Plan Ahead

Planning beforehand is crucial when using an oxygen concentrator when travelling. Oh, we are 100% sure that you do not want to be surprised or have any unneeded delays during your vacation. Again, please take a deep breath (of course with the aid of your dependable oxygen concentrator) and relax yourself out. As experts in oxygen concentrators, we shall guide you smoothly and meticulously throughout this procedure. Are you familiar with the rules and restrictions provided by the airline that you take, within the context of medical devices? In order to avoid any undesirable surprises, please be completely sure to check in with the airline guideline and obtain all the information beforehand. Again, please be prepared always with your required documents so that the airline is aware of your plans. It is best to equip yourself ahead because different airlines have different policies. With our advice, taking your oxygen concentrator on the road will be simple.

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Pack Wisely

It may seem stressful to travel with an oxygen concentrator, but with the correct planning, it may go well. We are here to remind you to please pack thoughtfully so that you have everything you need for a trouble-free and pleasurable trip. Well, you do not want to reach to your destination only to find that you forgot an important accessory for your oxygen concentrator! Then, you have to buy a new replacement... Which is honestly very expensive, especially if you travel internationally. The number 1 question is, what specifically should you pack? Additional batteries? A plug cord? Everything sounds overwhelming in your mind, but we are here to save the day (like your favourite superhero characters). We can tell you that you do not have to bring every single thing on planet Earth for your upcoming trip, but please pack wisely while bringing the imperative accessories along with you such as a plug cord and additional batteries.

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Plan for Emergencies

To keep yourself safe and healthy while travelling with an oxygen concentrator, it is imperative to prepare yourself for any sudden emergencies. Nobody wants to think of being stranded in an airport for hours because of airline delays or cancellations, yet anyone could experience it, including you. In your case, it is more difficult to handle unforeseen circumstances like these since you are travelling with an oxygen concentrator. What if you run out of supplies or medicine while travelling through a foreign country and are unable to communicate with the locals because they only speak their native tongue? Although it is a frightening situation to occur, but with careful planning and preparation, you may prevent any panic or tension in these circumstances and take pleasure in a worry-free journey. Please do pack extra medication and supplies that are necessities to you, please buy travel insurance that includes medical emergencies, and please keep a list of emergency contacts and your medical records close to hand to prevent any unneeded tension or anxiety. Always keep in your mind that preparing for crises does not have to be difficult; it is basically taking preventative measures to safeguard your wellbeing and safety when travelling.

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Be Mindful of Your Oxygen Needs

We are aware that taking an oxygen concentrator on the road can be difficult, but it is crucial to put your health and safety first while travelling, regardless whether you chose somewhere domestic or international. We bet you might wonder, how can your oxygen levels be monitored? What are the steps to changing your flow rate as needed? To start with, please purchase a pulse oximeter beforehand and keep one along with you at all times to check your oxygen saturation. Next, please do consult your physician and learn how to modify your flow rate if necessary. If it is possible, please do avoid yourself from taking part in any physically demanding tasks that could make you gasp for air. Last but not least, get your daily dose of H2O by keeping yourself thoroughly hydrated through your entire vacation! With our comprehensive tip, you can have a stress-free and joyful journey with your oxygen concentrator if you are conscious of your oxygen requirements and take the appropriate safety measures.

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Consider Renting

It might be difficult to travel with an oxygen concentrator, especially if your vacation will be lengthy and outside of the country. Alright, we are here to inform you that you are not required to buy a new equipment for the sake of your vacation. Instead of purchasing, we have a better suggestion for you: Oxygen concentrator rental service. The best part is, you would not have to fret about carrying your gear around or dealing with the headache of airport security if you do it this way. We can suggest travelers to use the rental service from us at OxiHome because we also offer rentals for portable oxygen concentrators that have been approved by KKM and MDA. In order to give you access to oxygen as quickly as possible, we even offer delivery in as brief as 3 hours. So why not rent an oxygen concentrator with us for your upcoming journey to reduce your hefty baggage load?

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By taking the proper precautions and planning ahead, travelling with an oxygen concentrator is no longer a cumbersome experience. With our expert tips, you can actually enjoy your travels to the fullest. Making the effort to get ready before your vacation can help you avoid stress and inconvenience later on, whether it is through knowledge of your equipment, careful packing, or considering renting from a trustworthy company like us at OxiHome. But, at the end of the day... It is all about our customers. How about you? Have you ever used our oxygen concentrator while travelling? Let's help each other travel with our oxygen concentrators with confidence by exchanging your experiences in the comments section down below. Again, never let your oxygen therapy prevent you from experiencing the world around you. Happy travelling to you!


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