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Portable Oxygen Concentrator in Malaysia: OxiHome


I. Introduction to Portable Oxygen Concentrators

II. How Oxygen Concentrators Work

III. Understanding the Oxygen Need in Malaysia

IV. Benefits for Patients in Malaysia

V. OxiHome: Your Go-to Oxygen Concentrator Provider in Malaysia

VI. Conclusion

OxiHome's Portable Oxygen Concentrator in a Malaysian home setting

Introduction to Portable Oxygen Concentrators

Imagine being tethered to an oxygen tank all day, restricted and limited. Thankfully, progress in the field of medicine has turned such circumstances into a relic of bygone days. Enter the portable oxygen concentrator, a medical device designed to deliver oxygen to those who require it, freeing them from their confines. How does it work exactly?

Close-up of a patient using OxiHome's Portable Oxygen Concentrator in Malaysia

How Oxygen Concentrators Work

In layman's terms, these apparatuses function by drawing in ambient air, passing it through a filter to remove impurities, condensing it to the needed concentration, and finally dispensing the cleansed oxygen. Unlike oxygen tanks, they do not need to be refilled and can operate continuously. They are also lighter and more comfortable to manage, making them a preferred choice for patients who need constant oxygen.

Patient in Malaysia using an OxiHome Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Understanding the Oxygen Need in Malaysia

As Malaysia grapples with health challenges, particularly amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for oxygen concentrators has increased exponentially. Oxygen concentrators have turned into an essential support system, particularly for individuals battling lung conditions and those required to maintain their oxygen levels while at home. And the demand for portable versions is even higher, as they offer mobility to patients, a feature that's crucial during these challenging times.

Patients in Malaysia

Benefits for Patients in Malaysia

  • Portable oxygen concentrators allow patients to move freely.

  • They enable patients to participate in daily activities and social functions.

  • Portable oxygen concentrators are easy to carry around, making them ideal for travel.

OxiHome Portable Oxygen Concentrator, a popular choice in Malaysia

OxiHome: Your Go-to Oxygen Concentrator Provider in Malaysia

In the face of such demand, finding a reliable provider of portable oxygen concentrators in Malaysia is crucial. That's where OxiHome comes in. Known for its quality service and products, OxiHome is a trusted name in the industry.

Rent/Buy Oxygen Concentrator at OxiHome

  • OxiHome provides the option to rent or buy an oxygen concentrator.

  • Prices start at RM250, offering affordability without compromising on quality.

Fast Delivery and Quality Service

  • OxiHome guarantees a quick 4-hour delivery service.

  • All products come with KKM & MDA approval, ensuring you receive a quality, reliable product.

Features of OxiHome Machine 5L

  • The OxiHome Machine 5L offers up to 96% of oxygen.

  • It is lightweight and equipped with wheels for easy mobility.

  • The device operates quietly, causing minimal disturbance.


Portable oxygen concentrators can significantly improve the quality of life for individuals who require supplemental oxygen. Freedom, mobility, and the assurance of a constant supply of oxygen can indeed make a world of difference. With OxiHome, you can count on speedy service, dependability, and superior products that cater to your specific needs.

In addition to portable oxygen concentrators, services such as MedBed and are there to further aid in enhancing the quality of life. MedBed provides options to rent or buy hospital beds in Malaysia and Singapore, ideal for those recovering at home or with long-term health needs. Similarly, facilitates mobility through their wheelchair rental services. Thus, whether it's oxygen concentrators from OxiHome, hospital beds from MedBed, or wheelchairs from, having access to the right medical equipment can profoundly affect a patient's comfort, mobility, and overall quality of life.

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