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What is an Oxygen Concentrator?


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Imagine being able to breathe comfortably and live life to the fullest, despite whatever respiratory difficulties you might experience. Oxygen concentrators can help with that. We at OxiHome are eager to discuss with you all the advantages, functions, and many types of oxygen concentrators that are readily available since we feel strongly about the necessity of giving those in need high-quality oxygen concentrators. Have you ever questioned how oxygen concentrators operate and what makes them unique from other respiratory equipment? Then stop wondering! Prepare yourself to enter the magnificent world of oxygen concentrators, where a compact gadget can significantly improve the lives of people who have respiratory problems. Prepare to be astounded by the extraordinary influence that an oxygen concentrator may have on your or a loved one's general wellbeing. So take your seat, unwind, and let's explore the fascinating world of oxygen concentrators!

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Why Use an Oxygen Concentrator?

Imagine yourself straining to breathe and keeping afloat in the middle of a large ocean. The terror and worry you would experience as you frantically tried to keep afloat while gasping for air. Imagine experiencing the same sensation while on dry land and in the open air. This is the situation that folks who have breathing problems must deal with. Every day, millions of patients with respiratory issues go through this horrific experience like how we described just now. Some of the diseases that cause respiratory problems are COPD, COVID and asthma. Yet, contemporary technology has made oxygen concentrators accessible to ease breathing and enhance quality of life. And did you know that in Malaysia, intrepid tourists have employed oxygen concentrators to conquer high-altitude locations like Mount Kinabalu? Imagine yourself on that mountain hike, taking in the breathtaking sights... Yet when you climb to greater elevations, you start to experience some feeling of suffocation. Altitude sickness can be a major hindrance when you are trying to make memorable memories. But once you have an oxygen concentrator by your side, you can breathe easily and enjoy all the gorgeous views around you. Wow, it is astonishing how something as simple as an oxygen concentrator can transform your outdoor experiences.

How Oxygen Concentrators Work?

  • An oxygen concentrator draws air from the surroundings and filters out gases like nitrogen to provide the patient only concentrated oxygen to breathe in. Compression of the air, filtering, and separating the oxygen from other gases are common processes in the process.

  • The process starts with the intake of air, which is subsequently compressed with the help of a compressor. After that, pressure swing adsorption is used to separate the nitrogen from the oxygen in the compressed air as it passes through a molecular sieve bed (PSA).

  • In the second stage, additional contaminants like dust, germs, and other particles are removed from the oxygen by running it through a number of filters.

  • In the final step, the patient receives the purified oxygen via a nasal cannula or mask. The device can be used constantly or sporadically, and the oxygen flow rate can be changed according to the demands of the patient.

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Types of Oxygen Concentrators

Oxygen concentrators come in two primary categories: stationary and portable.

  • Stationary oxygen concentrators: Being bigger and heavier than portable ones, stationary concentrators are intended for usage in the home or in a healthcare setting. Moreover, they have a higher oxygen flow rate, making them more potent.

  • Portable oxygen concentrators: As opposed to fixed types, portable concentrators are made to be used when on the road and are often more compact and lightweight. Since it is battery-operated, they can function for a number of hours without an external power source. Nonetheless, they have a much lower oxygen flow rates as compared to the stationary models.

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Benefits of Using an Oxygen Concentrator

Using an oxygen concentrator has a variety of advantages, such as:

  • Better quality of life: Oxygen concentrators deliver a consistent flow of oxygen, which helps lessen symptoms including shortness of breath, exhaustion, and dizziness. For patients with respiratory issues, this can significantly raise their quality of life.

  • Convenience: Oxygen concentrators are simple to use and portable, so they can be used at home, at a hospital, or on the road. As a result, patients can continue to be mobile and independent while still getting the oxygen they require to keep healthy.

  • Cost-effectiveness: Oxygen concentrators are less expensive than alternative methods of delivering oxygen, such compressed oxygen tanks. While oxygen concentrators only need to be purchased once and regularly maintained, compressed oxygen tanks need to be filled frequently and can become expensive over time.

  • Environmentally favourable: Since oxygen concentrators do not use compressed oxygen tanks, they are more ecologically friendly than other alternatives for oxygen delivery methods. With the knowledge that they are not causing environmental harm, patients can use them with confidence.

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Every breath counts, and OxiHome is dedicated to provide the best oxygen concentrators possible to enable patients with respiratory conditions live better lives. Our oxygen concentrators are made to offer a steady supply of oxygen, enabling people to breathe more easily and lead more active lives. Did you know that 49.2% of Malaysia's adult population will be smokers by the year 2021, making the country one of Southeast Asia's countries with the highest rates of COPD? The use of oxygen concentrators can help patients with this chronic respiratory condition, which causes breathing problems. Whether you require a portable or fixed oxygen concentrator, our staff at OxiHome is ready to assist you. To find out more and start moving in the direction of higher quality, please call us now.


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